About Us

We here at Mall of Dog'Merica absolutely love everything about dogs. We love the cute little look of love they give, the many kisses, and even the nibbles during play time. We especially love to dress our dogs to help express ourselves through our dogs even more. And there's nothing cuter than a dog wearing a sweater and maybe even a bow tie.

Not only do we love our dogs, but we also love the country where Mall of Dog'Merica began; USA. Which is why we have also added collections on our store to help further express our love and patriotism to our country. That is not to deter anyone from other countries to buy our products though. We love everyone walking this planet earth, especially if you're walking with a dog. All are welcome!

With that being said, please feel free to explore our shop and contact us if you have any burning questions you need answered. Our email is MallofDogMerica@gmail.com